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Barre Stone Products, Inc.
14120 West Lee Road
Albion, NY 14411

Scale House

Scale House Fax

Blacktop Plant & Lab

Blacktop Plant & Lab Fax

Hours of Operation
Winter Hours
Mon-Fri 7am - 3:30pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday - Closed

Special Loading hours available

Asphalt Plant closed
for the winter

Scale House


Ice Control Sand

1/4" Screenings

#1A Washed Crushed Stone

#2 Washed Crushed Stone

#1 & #2 Washed Crushed Stone

#1 Washed Crushed Stone

2" Run of Crusher

1" Run of Crusher

5/8" Run of Crusher

#1A Sandstone

#1 Sandstone

#2 Sandstone

#3 Sandstone

4" Run of Crusher
Landscape Rocks
Landscape Rocks

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